Go Gold for Childhood Cancer - September 2016 T-Shirts

Thank you for joining the fight against childhood cancer. Here is how to purchase t-shirts:

1) Pre-order your products by July 29 using the "Go Gold in September" online ordering site. This store does not carry inventory, so orders must be placed prior to the deadline to reserve your shirt. All profit will go to CURE Childhood Cancer, an Atlanta based organization focussing on both research and patient/family care.

2) Pay at "Go Gold in September" using PayPal. It's quick and easy.

3) Please allow 4-5 weeks for your order to ship. It will arrive before September 1, 2016.

4) Wear your items proudly and explain to anyone who asks that kids deserve more than 4%, which is the current amount given by the government to childhood cancer research. 

46 kids are diagnosed with cancer every day. One in five will die.

Go Gold in September!

Awareness + Money + Research = CURE